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Guaranteed ranking in Google Top 10 Results...

World's Finest SEO

Here at entelligance, we are proud to be World's #1 Search Engine Optimization Company. We have studied the detailed art of SEO inside it and out and made our strategy perfect to deliver the results for you and your deserving business.

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Website Optimization..

First we will perfectly-tune your website and optimize it for the search engines. After the all necessary changes are made, your website will become more faster and easier to find, crawl, and more relevant to your targeted audience.

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Link Building..

Backlinks are the base of SEO. Using 100% white-hat, techniques, we will build a wide variety of high quality backlinks for your site, it will push it up the keyword rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website.

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Monthly Reports..

You will receive a comprehensive SEO reports on evry week in the month explaining all the work done for your site within a week, includes links, ranking improvements, competitors analysis, on-page optimization reports and much more.

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Welcome to Entelligance, we have achieved high ranking in Google for many prestigious clients through On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques. Because we modify our services as per the requirements of the client so formula of one size fits all doesn’t suit us. We offer realistic prices and solutions according to the needs of the clients. We target specific keywords to get first place in Google ranking.



What is SEO and why you should use it for your website is the major question asked by many people. Search Engine Optimization is a set of activities intending to improve the visibility of a website in organic search results for a set of keywords related to your online project. This is also known as organic SEO and known as one of the most efficient strategy for getting huge profits from your online presence. A company that offers professional SEO services is called an SEO service company.

Search engines use particular robots to check that which website has more good content and presence on the web then they rank them accordingly. These algorithms are confidential but if you analyze their behaviour you can get an idea about the general concepts of search engines. These algorithms are regularly changing you will have to track their changes. Apart from this, there are few SEO techniques which you must be aware of them otherwise you can become the defaulter in the eyes of search engines. That is why it is always consider as better option to choose professional SEO services provider.


It is always good to hire a professional instead of learning all those details of SEO. You just have to find a company who provide best SEO services.  Outsource all your needs and requirements to them and SEO experts will handle all search engines optimization activities. You can find two major SEO marketing services white hat SEO and black hat SEO.


The only difference between white hat and black hat SEO is technique. Mostly, there are procedures suggested by search engines and ways they consider as they don’t favour. In white hat SEO main motive is quality and interesting content. This content is for the readers and not for the search engines, in all its potential applications.


Improving visibility of your website in organic search results with some relevant keywords and methods is called organic SEO.  


We use various SEO techniques based on our long term experience from analyzing, examining and experimenting with search engines. The set of methods varies according to the project and revised algorithms of search engines. However, we avoid using black hat SEO techniques despite of how much money you had offer us.